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Case Studies

ENCO Complete Free Water and Buffer Tank Installation

ENCO Ltd Complete Chilled Water Install

A chilled water system inclusive of 2 chillers, 1 v-bank free cooler, 2 run/standby pump sets and a storage tank. All pre-fabricated and installed on site safely and efficiently well within our deadlines.

ENCO Complete Chilled Water Ringman and Buffer Tank Arrangement in Liverpool

ENCO Completes Intensive Two Month Project with Kemira Chemicals

In June, ENCO was contracted to help Kemira Chemicals to expand its manufacturing facility in Goole, following winning the tender earlier in the year in the face of very stiff competition from other established vendors. The work completed was part of the expansion of Kemira’s facilities to allow for more flexible raw material use in the process.

Kemira was founded in Finland and has become one of the world’s leading chemical companies. Its main areas of expertise are pulp, paper, water-intensive industries, municipal water treatment, oil and gas. Kemira now has sites all over the world and employees nearly 5,000 people globally, including many at their plant in Goole, UK.

The ENCO team has several years of experience working within the chemical industry, so they were a natural fit for this project. This project is part of an ongoing expansion of ENCO’s portfolio as it revisits familiar industries using its staff’s expertise and additional training to propel it forward.

Work began on the project in early June, when ENCO was introduced to Kemira by Design Contractor Manrochem Ltd. to install the necessary equipment for Kemira’s expansion. This included the installation of two new 50m3 dissolving vessels, one new 14mslurry vessel, GRP water tanks, process equipment and associated infrastructure.

The process of installing the necessary equipment for Kemira’s expansion took ENCO just a couple of months, despite the unbelievable weather that the country went through during this time. ENCO’s staff were working at the peak of the heatwave in full protective gear and provided a professional and reliable service no matter what the weather brought.

Our client’s urgent completion requirement was a key focus for ENCO from the outset which meant high-intensity work patterns both in our facility and on-site and we are extremely proud of the team in coping so well in both management and safe delivery. The team had encountered uncomfortably high temperatures and often worked outside being exposed to the full force of the elements including hot sun and on occasion, torrential rain and wind.
Lee Church – Commercial Manager, Enco Ltd

Safety was of great importance while completing work on the project and ENCO managed to work seamlessly alongside Kemira’s ongoing operations throughout the installation process. Through forward planning and strong communication, Kemira’s operations were uninterrupted with normal staff and vehicle movements. ENCO’s team maintained high safety standards throughout their time on the site and the project was completed without incident.

ENCO’s team thoroughly enjoyed working with both Manrochem and Kemira, who said they were very impressed the with work ENCO has done. This is hopefully the beginning of a long working partnership between the companies.

Halifax-based ENCO is devoted to providing the highest quality service while also offering a competitive price for any pipework and general fabrication and welding solutions. We have worked across numerous industries, both consulting remotely with our customers and operating on site. ENCO can provide a full service including design, supply, fabrication and installation of any pipework service, tanks, vessels, skids packages or general process equipment.

“ENCO was brought in to install pipework and auxiliary equipment during an upgrade project at our Goole plant, they mobilised their workforce promptly and completed the installation work on a very tight timescale. Enco was able to provide the right amount of skilled labour to ensure that we were able to do this whilst the plant was still in full operation. Enco worked safely and efficiently and I would have no problem in recommending them to anyone looking for this type of company”.
Carl Bristow, Kemira, Senior Manager Manufacturing I&W Centra

ENCO Ltd Complete Various Sized Carbon Pipes

ENCO Ltd have completed some carbon shd 40 pipes in various sizes, ranging from 2″ to 8″, getting ready for 10% xray.

ENCO Complete Air Dirt Separator

Air Dirt Separator in Central London

ENCO Ltd complete an intense shutdown project in Knutsford

Intense shutdown project – 6” corroded galvanised pipework, all stripped out and replaced with stainless steel over the weekend.

ENCO Ltd Complete a Fuel Transfer Pipework Project

ENCO Ltd recently completed a fuel transfer pipework project. Site measurement taken then fabricated off site. Delivered back to site and installed by our site team safely and ahead of schedule.

ENCO Ltd complete a chilled water install

ENCO Ltd complete a chilled water install, including 2 chillers, 1 v-bank free cooler and 1 flatbed free cooler for a moulding company in the north-east. 2 ½” and 4” 304L metric stainless steel. Fully measured and prefabricated off site with a site install.

ENCO Complete a Magnetite Expansion Project at Memorable Chemicals, Goole

Recent Chilled Water Skids completed by ENCO

ENCO Complete Install at Corby Mill

6” Chilled Water Ring Main Installation

ENCO Ltd Complete Pipework Installation at Waste to Energy Plant, in Derby

ENCO Ltd was selected to complete a new 316 stainless steel pipework installation. This was for a new duty and standby pump set, to a waste to energy plant. The pipework installation was completed during a week-end shut down period.

A site visit and measure provided us with information for the area to be replicated within our works premises. Where we manufactured all interconnecting pipework in flanged sections. Furthermore, this helped to minimise downtime whilst on-site. The pipework and brackerey were fabricated off-site. Leaving a site measure for the final ‘tie-in’.

The photos demonstrate how the piping components came together whist on site. Also, leaving one very satisfied client with the works completed in a 12 hour shift – ahead of schedule!

Thus, proving the importance of proper planning and preparation!

ENCO Ltd complete Sweden installation as part of their international growth programme

ENCO Ltd has recently completed the pre-fabrication and installation of various sized carbon steel fully welded pipework, to serve a thermal oil system for a market leading global manufacturer at their site in Sweden. 

The specialist ENCO team manufactured the majority of the pipework over a three week period in their UK workshops, before transporting by articulated lorry ready for the team of pipe-fitters and welders to assemble in Sweden. ENCO’s engineers then integrated this pipe-work with the customer’s existing ancillary equipment and terminations. The meticulous planning and preparation ensured the work was completed safely, ahead of schedule and with complete customer satisfaction. 

“We are delighted that such a prestigious client chose us as their preferred supplier when completing this job in Sweden. ENCO is a rapidly growing organisation and part of our plan is entering into new overseas markets, so to complete this international project makes us extremely proud. We are looking forward to executing many more exciting international projects in the coming months” .
Jamie Moody, Managing Director of ENCO Ltd

ENCO complete another chilled water pump skid.

ENCO have completed this fantastic chilled water pump skid for delivery ahead of installation at Mondelez UK Ltd in Sheffield (formerly Cadbury). 

ENCO Ltd Complete 12” Pipework

ENCO have completed this fantastic chilled water pump skid for delivery ahead of installation at Mondelez UK Ltd in Sheffield (formerly Cadbury). 

ENCO Ltd has completed various Pipework

ENCO Ltd has completed various sch. 40 carbon pipework for a new client. All the pipework is completed to X-Ray Standard.