ENCO Ltd are specialised in metal fabrications and pipe-work and based in Halifax, West Yorkshire. We pride ourselves on our highly skilled and well-trained employees;

Tel: 07917 390 602Email: jamiemoody@encoltd.co.uk

Jamie Moody – Company Director

Tel: 07917 390 602 Email: jamiemoody@encoltd.co.uk
Tel: 01422 379991Email: joannehart@encoltd.co.uk

Joanne Hart – Director and Company Secretary

Tel: 01422 379991 Email: joannehart@encoltd.co.uk
Tel: 07976 285 550Email: kengoodhind@encoltd.co.uk

Ken Goodhind – Business Development Director

Tel: 07976 285 550 Email: kengoodhind@encoltd.co.uk
Tel: 07568 307 923Email: leechurch@encoltd.co.uk

Lee Church – Commercial and Operations Manager

Tel: 07568 307 923 Email: leechurch@encoltd.co.uk
Tel: 01422 379991Email: nicholahull@encoltd.co.uk

Nichola Hull – Finance and HR Director

Tel: 01422 379991 Email: nicholahull@encoltd.co.uk
Tel: 01422 379991Email: MackenzieBrook@encoltd.co.uk

Mackenzie Brook – Admin and Marketing Assistant

Tel: 01422 379991 Email: MackenzieBrook@encoltd.co.uk
Email: jamesryland@encoltd.co.uk

James Ryland – Stores Manager

Email: jamesryland@encoltd.co.uk
Email: tombelfield@encoltd.co.uk

Tom Belfield – Project Manager

Email: tombelfield@encoltd.co.uk
Email: johnhanson@encoltd.co.uk

John Hanson – Works Manager

Email: johnhanson@encoltd.co.uk


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We are very confident that we can provide you with a first class service given the opportunity, so if you believe our services would be of value to yourself then please email enquiries@encoltd.co.uk.