Our vision for the future is to continue the strategic expansion and growth that we have seen since our incorporation. When we started our company, everything we did was built on a foundation of trust, competence, affordability and customer satisfaction. This is still paramount in the work we do today and intend to do in the future.

Our greatest strength lies in the team we have at ENCO, and we aim to continue to invest in them, creating jobs and strengthening our relationship with customers as we rapidly create new services.

Our policies of total quality, trust, affordability and most importantly on-time delivery have helped to create long lasting business relationships with many of our clients today. It is our vision that, through our planned future growth, we will create many more.


Our values form the foundation of ENCO and guide the way in which we work and behave. We pride ourselves on our experienced, qualified and professional staff, as well as being committed to working in collaboration with all our stakeholders, retaining a great one-on-one relationship. We are passionate about the work we do whilst we embrace new technologies, developments and systems.

At ENCO, we harness our experience, skills, enthusiasm and absolute customer focus, in order to deliver first class solutions to all our clients

Our goal is to attract and retain the best people, drive operational excellence, whilst striving for 100% customer satisfaction and ultimately deliver sustainable growth for our people and business.


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We are very confident that we can provide you with a first class service given the opportunity, so if you believe our services would be of value to yourself then please email enquiries@encoltd.co.uk.